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Hi there! 

Let me introduce myself. My name is Deborah Kessels. I am 24 years old,  born in Belgium, and raised in the Netherlands. 


Throughout my childhood, I spent numerous hours in all kinds of art academies after school time. This was very normal for growing up in a creative and entrepreneurial household.


Hence, after graduating, I wanted to fulfill a study that combined both interests of mine; art/design, and entrepreneurship. This quickly led me to study Communications at the University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam. 


Since the beginning of 2020, I had challenged myself to achieve all of the goals and tasks I had left on the back burner. One of those major goals was to start my own business.


With over six years of art academy experience and knowledge about the Adobe Creative Cloud, I finally bit the bullet (positively) and launched  DK Media & Design


With DK Media & Design, I strive to support other businesses and individuals with their visual identity through proper branding, design, and strategy. A strong and aesthetic visual brand not only stands out, but also has a bigger impact and becomes the main association with the brand, products, or services. 



Want to know more about me or my work? Check out all of the branding packages I have to offer, or take a peek at my portfolio! Do not hesitate to reach or slide into my social DMs to brainstorm new ideas and who knows it might be the beginning of a fruitful collaboration.


Also do not forget to connect with me through all of my socials!

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